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The South Polar Times, created on a typewriter in 1902,  was a monthly newspaper written and compiled by the crew of the 'Discovery' on their expeditions to the Antarctic between  1902 and  1911. Scott decided that the crew should produce the newspaper to fill the long dark hours of Autumn. Each 30pp to 50pp edition, of which there was only one produced, described life on the ice, and featured water colours, crew caricatures, poems about penguins and life in the Antarctic.

Robert .F. Scott led the expedition, with Ernest Shackleton, an officer on board prior to his own exploration, being actively  involved in the editing of the first volume of 'SPT'. An original set of the three bound volumes, totalling nine sub volumes of colour drawings, scientific observations, editorials and much more, command  around 15,000.

Due to the scarcity of these sets we have produced a limited edition facsimile, obtained from a set of originals, a three volume set as the original, printed in superb colour throughout to the same exacting standards, thread sewn in sections and full bound in a dark blue buckram, finished with a colour picture of the 'Discovery' inlaid to the front cover, just as the originals.

The original prospectus may be viewed by clicking on the book images.

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